Look what they’ve done to “Ali More Angana”

Do you remember “Ali More Angana”? For those who dont, its an Indipop album I recorded in 1996 and the title track became both popular and controversial, if the media is to be believed. I wont discuss the controversy if indeed any existed, but just thought I’d warn anyone thinking of buying the album to be careful before they make a purchase.

The album was not available for several years and I was left without a single copy so I had made repeated efforts to see if I could buy a left-over copy at a record store somewhere. About a year ago I received a call from one of my favorite music stores in Delhi to say that the album was available once again. I rushed out and bought two copies and this is what I found:


By the way, this is a new cover for the album. The original published by Magnasound had a very different cover and didnt have my picture on the album cover. I heard from various sources that Shashigopal, the MD/owner/whatever of Magnasound felt my face wasnt appropriate for the cover so they had a vague illustration of a what may have been a female dancing figure on the cover. Ten years down the line, this new company that now seems to have aquired the rights for this album finds my face appropriate for the cover!!! Well well, its a democracy after all. But to get back to business, this cover would suggest to you or anyone that I am the singer featured on this album, wouldnt it? If you are in any doubt, open the album cover and take a look at the CD label. This is what it looks like:

cd_label-wince.jpg I dont think it leaves any room for doubt that indeed this is Ali More Angana, sung by Shubha Mudgal. Unfortunately, that isnt really true because when you play the CD you hear no trace of Shubha Mudgal or any of the songs from Ali More Angana. You hear songs by Vinod Rathore and they aren’t any of the songs from Ali More Angana!!! I have bought two copies of the album and both times it was the same story.

In short, dont be fooled by the album cover, the title, my picture on the cover or the track details . Buy it only if you want a Vinod Rathore album ! And if you want to know who is responsible for this tomfoolery, here’s the name and address listed on the inside cover:

M R S Filmcraft & Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

MRSFA Farms, Chaudhary Maam Chand Farm Complex, Chhattarpur Bhatti Road, Adola, New Delhi 74.

Ironically, it even carries the following word of caution:

CAUTION: Beware of Counterfeit compact Disc.
(Thats exactly as it is mentioned on the inside cover!)

So please do be aware and check before you buy.

Shubha Mudgal

Shubha Mudgal


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    thank god for the new technology and computers ………. i had been looking for Ali More for some time and recently my freind loaded the songs on my I-Pod thankfully they werent from the fake CD that you have described………….. all i can say is i am appalled by the disguesting and daring action of the company who has done it……….. its not just disrespect to the Artist (SHUBHA) but its theft and if i were SHUBHA i would sue the company. i am disguested.
    needless to say we love your music and keep looking forward to your new albums …………….. this time sure we would check and play it before we buy it.

    god bless

    Vishal Mehta
    Leicester (UK)

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    Dear Shubha ji,

    I am a fan of you. Recently while searching for the song ‘Ali More Angana’ on net, I came across yr blog and read all these. Itz great unfortunate that people doing such things with a great album and with a senior artist like you. You should take legal action to stop all these farce.

    However I am lucky that at last I got the song in digital format (MP3) and in good quality. I was searching for it since last two years. If you need it please let me know. I’ll be grateful if Im any help to you.

    Lalit Mohan Sahoo
    Bhubaneswar, Orissa

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    Thank you Mr. Sahoo,

    Really kind of you to offer to send me the MP3 file, but fortunately I managed to get one copy of the original album somewhere and so I have it in my collection now.

    Thanks all the same.

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    shocking but thankfully i own a copy. it indeed is something which i will keep in mind the next time i buy music

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    Anirban Chanda August 9, 2009 at 5:08 am

    Thank you for this post. A couple of years ago when I was visiting India, I picked up the fake album at a store because I am a fan of you. I was quite confused when I listened to it later and never considered that a record company would stoop so low.

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